Tips for Anchorage Residents Buying A New Mower

Take it all in.  Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm July morning. Oh, but the pain it takes to get that smell!

All of us remember having to cut the front lawn before we could go outside and play when we were kids. Remember trying to tip-toe outside but being stopped right before you open the front door?  Do you recall putting it off until the middle of the afternoon because you were dreading doing the work, especially if your landscape wasn’t easy to navigate. And, there is nothing worse than a mower that is hard to push or operate.

My brother and I get new Honda mowers every other year because we wear our current ones out very fast.  When you do hundreds of lawns per year you want a machine that is always in top-notch condition.  We do not have time to fiddle around with break-downs in July.

Nevertheless, if you are a homeowner who likes to cut your own grass here are some tips you can use to purchase the best lawnmower that will fit your needs.

Tip #1

Take a look at your lawn and its terrain. How big is it?  If you have a small lawn then buying a regular push mower will be fine. If you are old-fashioned and your lawn is small you might even want to buy the type of mower that does not run on electricity or gasoline and just turns as you push it. I think those old ones are kind of cool myself!

If you have a huge lawn then I would consider buying a riding mower.  I would especially recommend this purchase for anyone with a yard over fifteen-thousand feet.

Tip #2

Mowers do not last forever.  If you are noticing that cutting your lawn is lasting over an hour then it may be time to replace it.  At minimum, I would change the blade every year.  They get dull and need to be sharpened or taken off and replaced with a new one.

Tip #3

With lawn mowers you really do get what you pay for.  We have bought mowers based solely off price and have always regretted it. You would be surprised at how $100 can be the difference between an okay lawn mower that works but gives you trouble and one that is fantastic and gives you very little trouble at all.

Tip #4

According to Consumer Reports, John Deere, Toro, Lawn-Boy and Honda are the best riding mowers on the market.

Tip #5

When you take your mower out after a long winter do not start using it immediately. Take the old gasoline out and replace it with fresh gasoline.  If you cannot then you need to go to Wal-Mart, or Target, and purchase some fuel stabilizer to add to it. Gas has a shelf life and will go bad after a month.

Tip #6

I know that it is tempting to go to the big box retail store, like Home Depot, to buy a new mower but consider going to a local lawn mower dealer. Not only can they give you personalize service but they can fix anything that goes wrong. You will probably need minor repairs done in the near future and they will usually be more accommodating and eager to assist you. What’s more, it is always a good idea to support a local Anchorage-based company if you can versus one that is based out of state even if they are a little cheaper.

Tip #7

If you do decide to purchase a new mower online consider the high shipping costs to Alaska as well.  Any company that is offering “FREE SHIPPING” will not in many cases include Alaska or Hawaii.

Tip #8

Garage sales and Cragslist are great places to by mowers.  You can get them for next to nothing in some cases. Start looking for deals during the springtime when mowers are still not in hot demand.

If you feel like you do not have the time to manage your own yard then please give us a call at (907) 677-0701.  Our Anchorage lawncare service is second to none.

Why Dethatching and Aerating Lawns Is Important

Most people do not have the slightest clue why de-thatching their lawn after winter has ended is really important.

In reality controlling your yards thatch is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you have the perfect lawn when summer rolls around.

After every winter you have a thick layer of thatch covering your lawn. Its coating the good stuff.

This includes roots, old leaves, dead grass, debris, twigs and dead insects. It has spent the last 3-5 months accumulating on the surface between the fresh soil and the blades of grass.

You would think that this is no big deal but it is. It forms a thick blanket over your yard.

It stops oxygen and water from reaching your soil. In addition to that it encourages diseases and pests to invade your lawn and wreak havoc.

Dethatching your lawn in late April will prevent this. Most people should de-thatch their lawn once a year.

There are special racks and machines that allow a person to do this. They all employ sharp tines that tear up or break up the top layer of your yard so that fresh healthy grass can grow in its place.

After a yard is de-thatched it is a good idea to aerate it out. This includes using a special tool to punch holes in a lawn so that moisture, nutrients and oxygen to penetrate deep down into the soil. Some people aerate their lawn several times a year.

We usually start the de-thatching and aeration service during the last week of April or depending on when break-up finally ends. It is absolutely necessary if you are a homeowner in Anchorage and desire that “perfect yard.” It can be the difference between having an average lawn versus having a fantastic one.

If you would like to set up an appointment please call us at 907-677-0701.

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